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Microscope Optional Parts

Rotary XY-table TK180-K


It is possible to not only move in the XY directions, turn 360 ° rotation table, it is very convenient rotary XY table when observed from all directions aspects of the object. Can be installed on a microscope stand and stereo microscope.

It can be mounted in transmitted illumination stand

  • 透過照明スタンドにも対応
    black-and-white acrylic plate and glass plate
    are included as standard equipment.
  • 透過照明スタンドにも対応
    Attachable to the transmitted illumination stand.

How to use

  • 通常のXYテーブルとしても使用可能
    By turning the black knob, it can be used as a normal XY table
  • 回転テーブル
    When you turn the white knob, rotary table turns around.

Example of Installation

Attachable to compact stand for microscope.
Also, attachable to stand for microscope, transmitted illumination stand、and stand for stereo microscopes.

  • 顕微鏡に設置
    Attachable to compact stand

Convenient Example

Combination example of a standard stand and 3D arm

  • 3Dアームと標準スタンドの組み合わせ例
    Observation plate is rotated by turning the knob indicated by the red arrow. When used in conjunction with the TK180-K and 3D arm with a camera stand, it will be possible to observe from an oblique and also enables observation of while rotating an object to secure the camera to the position.

Demonstration video

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