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Full HD Microscopes

Full HD microscope

Fast high definition microscope
with built in USB Flash slot TG200HD2

※The monitor is not included.

A high defination microscope with resolution of 1920 x 1080. Can easily connect to monitor via HDMI cable.

  • Total magnification of 25 to 150 times enabled by an optical 6x zoom lens. (Alterable setting: 40X - 220X)
  • A zoom lens with latch function to lock each memory. (It is suitable to reduce error of measurement by the operator.)
  • A 0.5x auxiliary lens is offered (optional).
  • Working Distance : 90mm
  • Resolution:1920x1028 FULL HD (1080p)
  • No display delay(60fps)
  • Images can be saved with Built in USB Flash slot(Image saved in BMP format)
  • HDR(High Dynamic Range)function
  • Display / Hide crossline(Black/White line)
  • Connect to HDMI/Wide monitor with HDMI cable
  • Built in external trigger terminal

※Monitors with an HDMI port are recommended. (May not be compatible with regular household television monitor) Please contact us for more information and the availability of demo equipment.


  • Accessories
    HD camera with build in USB flash slot
    AC adaptor
    USB Flash(8GB)
    Remote controller
    HDMI cable
  • 80 LED light ring
    80 LED light ring
  • zoom lens
    Zoom lens
  • stand


Camera specification

Image sensor Number of pixel Resolution Connection
1/3"CMOS 2.0 Megapixel 1920x1080 (Full HD) 24Bit HDMI cable

Lens specification

Magnification Working distance Diameter of lens holder Length of lens Mount
x0.75-x4.5 W.D. 95mm φ50mm 200mm C mount

General specification

Total magnification Observation range at the minimum magnification Observation range at the maximum magnification Stand dimension
25x -150x 15.5mmx8.7mm(25x) 2.5mmx1.4mm (150x) 388x268x350(H)mm

The newly added Anti-Halation function!

  • ハレーション抑制前
    Normal Mode

  • ハレーション抑制後
    HDR Mode

  • ハレーション抑制前
    Normal Mode

  • ハレーション抑制後
    HDR Mode

  • ハレーション抑制前
    Normal Mode

  • ハレーション抑制後
    HDR Mode

Easy setting! Easy Operation! Easy store!

  • Connect to monitor with HDMI cable.
    Connect to the monitor with HDMI cable.
  • Menu will appeared when switch on
    The menu will appear when switched on
  • Menu: brightness, contrast, color, cross-line, sensitivityMenu: brightness, contrast, color, cross-line, sensitivity
    Menu: brightness, contrast, color, cross-line, sensitivity
  • Connect with a HDMI cable
    Usable with any monitor such as wide-screen monitor or HD-TV with an HDMI port
  • Able to save image into SD card.
    Comes with a USB flash slot! Still images can be saved onto the USB flash.
  • Save any image by 1 click.
    Save images with a single click.
  • Able mount with external trigger.
    Control the capturing with an external trigger.

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