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Full HD Microscopes

By using the Dorm lighting, "No Glare" "natural" and "easy on the eyes" to observe!
Low magnification HD microscope LRN200HD-SD

※The monitor is not included.

Discontinued product

  • Optimum Dome Lighting Type for the observation of the object halation occurs
  • A high defination microscope with resolution of 1920 x 1080.
  • Available to display / hide the cross line
    (Line display in white and black available.)
  • The newly added Anti-Halation function.
  • Images can be easily saved onto SD card.(in BMP format)
  • HDMI cable is included.

※ Please use a 32GB or below SDHC card.

※Monitors with an HDMI port are recommended. (May not be compatible with regular household television monitor) Please contact us for more information and the availability of demo equipment.

Capable of natural observation to approach to visual

Dorm Lighting

Suitable for the inspection of while moving the object


  • Accessories
    Full HD camera
    AC adaptor
    SDHC card(4GB)
    remote controller
    HDMI cable
  • Dorm Lighting
    Dorm Lighting
  • lens
  • LED angle
    LED angle(LED-A2)
  • Camea Stand
    Camera Stand
  • Extension kit
    Extension Kit


Camera specification

Image sensor Number of pixel Resolution Connection
1/3"CMOS 2.0 Megapixel 1920x1080 (Full HD) 24Bit HDMI cable

General specification

Total magnification Working distance Observation range at the minimum magnification Observation range at the maximum magnification Stand dimension
4X-35X 200mm 90x51mm(4X) 9.0x5.1mm(35X) 388x268x350(H)mm

Optimum Dome Lighting Type for the observation of the object halation occurs

<In the case of metalwork of pipe shape>

  • 通常のマイクロスコープ
    Microscope using LED Ring lighting 

  • LRN200HD-SD

  • Halation and reflection has occurred in part of the cross-section of the metal in the left photograph, shown on the right picture, you can observe beautiful cross-section of the metal without causing halation.

The newly added Anti-Halation function!

  • Before

  • After

Easy setting! Easy Operation! Easy store!

  • Connect to monitor with HDMI cable.
    Connect to the monitor with HDMI cable.
  • Menu will appeared when switch on
    The menu will appear when switched on
  • Menu: brightness, contrast, color, cross-line, sensitivityMenu: brightness, contrast, color, cross-line, sensitivity
    Menu: brightness, contrast, color, cross-line, sensitivity
  • Connect with a HDMI cable
    Usable with any monitor such as wide-screen monitor or HD-TV with an HDMI port
  • Able to save image into SD card.
    Comes with an SD card slot! Still images can be saved onto the SD card.
  • Save any image by 1 click.
    Save images with a single click.
  • Able mount with external trigger.
    Control the capturing with an external trigger.

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