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Full HD Microscopes

Full HD microscope

Non Calibration Microscope CT200HD

※monitor is not included.

"smooth image display" and "high definition"
FUll HD Microscope

Camera and lens are linked!

●Can be measured without calibration
●The magnification is displayed on the monitor

Easy measurement!
●Can Measure without PC
●Easy measurement when changing magnification

  • Total Magnificationi x20~165x (The magnification is the value displayed on 21.5 Inch monitor.)


1. Camera and lens are integrated!
●Measurement is possible immediately after installation
●Measurement is possible immediately even if you change the magnification

2. Quick measurement!
●Stress free because it fits automatically when approaching the edge
●Human error is greatly reduced by quick measurement

3. Measure without calibration!
●Calibrated at the time of shipment
●Measurement is possible as soon as it arrives

1. Camera and lens are integrated!

There is no need for calibration because the lens and camera are integrated.

2. Quick measurement!

Edges are automatically detected. Measurement errors are greatly reduced.

  • 静止画・動画の保存が可能
  • 【Measurement items】
    Distance between two points
    Distance between parallel lines
    Polygon circumference and area
    Circle radius / perimeter / area
    Arc angle / radius
    Distance between two circles

3. Measure without calibration!

We perform calibration, shipping inspection, and accuracy adjustment for each unit, Using a glass scale with a calibration certificate in the company.
Therefore, after it arrives, it can be measured immediately just by connecting it to the monitor.

  • 静止画・動画の保存が可能
  • An inspection certificate is included for each unit.
  • calibration certificate
  • calibration certificate

Calibration is performed on a glass scale with a calibration certificate.

Other function

Drawing layer function

It is possible to save the figure drawn according to the object in the layer.

Scale display

non caliberation microscope

It is possible to display the scale on the screen.

Save images

  • Save images
  • With USB memory throttle!
    Still images can be saved to the attached USB flash.
    (Images can be saved in JPEG / BMP format)
      * Note: Use a USB flash device of 32GB or less.

Easy setting!Easy operation!Easy saving images!

  • FUll HD Microscope
  • FUll HD Microscope

It can be used by directly connecting a HDMI monitor with a HDMI port.
Easy setting just connect to monitor with attached HDMI cable.

※Monitors with an HDMI port are recommended.
(May not be compatible with regular household television monitor)
Please contact us for more information and the availability of demo equipment.


Total Magnification X20-X165  ※The magnification is the value displayed on 21.5 Inch monitor.
Working Distance 75mm
Field of View 22mmx12.4mm (at X20)
2.7mmx1.5mm (at X165)
Image Sensor 1/2.8”CMOS
Number of pixels 200 Mega pixel
Resolution 1920×1080(Full HD)
Frame rate 60fps

Adaptive monitor size

1. 11.6 inch
2. 21.5 inch
3. 23 inch
4. 27 inch

When using a monitor other than the adaptive size, the displayed total magnification does not match.
※If you are using a monitor with a size other than the above, please select the closest monitor size on the software.
In that case, the total magnification displayed on the monitor is a guide.


  • Lens-integrated camera
    Lens-integrated camera
  • 81 LED Ring Light
    81 LED Ring Light
  • microscope stand
  • Protective cover
    Protective cover

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